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Business Process Management for Healthcare (BPM+ Health)

The Object Management Group® (OMG®), an IT standards development organization, discovered the need to introduce the specification: business process modeling, BPM, into healthcare. Thus, the BPM+ Health community of practice was founded in 2019 to bring an effective business model into the field of care.

Our goal is to advance evidence-based medical practices and knowledge across the health sector by documenting and sharing current processes and clinical expertise. By implementing business process modeling standards, healthcare professionals can identify and use best practices easily at the point of care to eliminate errors and achieve better results.

The community allows health organizations, professional societies, and vendors to record their care pathways and workflows through open, standards-based notations. By utilizing this process, practitioners can detect and share care pathways and workflows consistently and effectively.

BPM+ Health's community goals:

  • Develop best practices around clinical pathways and guidelines
  • Promote adoption of standards to maximize their utility
  • Cultivate a knowledge ecosystem devoted to improving health
  • Improve best-practice precision and compliance for better implementations
  • Collaborate with other standards organizations in healthcare

What is BPM+?

Most organizational guidelines are expressed in natural language, with inherent ambiguities and inconsistencies that are difficult to identify and address. The use of formal modeling languages addresses these concerns and gives more precise guidance that is easier to implement, validate, and automate. The BPMN, CMMN, and DMN standards were carefully designed to complement each other and are known together as BPM+. While the standards can be used separately, the BPM+ Health community of practice uses them to speed up long, ambiguous healthcare processes to improve the quality and consistency at the point of care. Many organizations require a combination of process models for their prescriptive workflows, case models for their reactive activities, and decision models for their more complex business rules. These organizations will benefit from using the three standards in combination, selecting which one is most appropriate for each activity modeling type. BPMN, CMMN, and DMN constitute the "big three" of process improvement standards.


Many organizations require a combination of process models for their prescriptive workflows, case models for their reactive activities, and decision models for their more complex business rules. By documenting their care pathways and workflows using open, standards-based notations, practitioners can discover and share care pathways and workflows accurately and consistently. Through our collaboration with professional organizations, academia, clinical societies, and healthcare providers, we develop and pilot standards-driven healthcare process automation techniques with BPMN, CMMN, and DMN, which together, are known as BPM+.

Improving Care Quality, Consistency, & Delivery Together

The time lag between the latest medical knowledge and the integration into clinical workflows has devastating consequences for all of healthcare's leading actors (Patient, Provider, Payer) & stands a firm barrier to realizing value-based care outcomes. Become a BPM+ Health member to heal healthcare today & join an active community of practice driving real change.

Why Join a Community of Practice?

  • Pool resources with our community of practice and increase your R&D
  • Help shape what patients and providers need in accelerating HealthIT
  • Obtain visibility into what other companies are working on, what problems and challenges they have solved leveraging BPM+
  • Gain early access to test beds, shareable clinical pathways, best practices, and community tooling
  • Shape your project plans with insights from fellow members & partners
  • Gain market presence as part of the ecosystem
  • Collaborative outreach and messaging to amplify our mutual market goals


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