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Hi All\,< o:p>

Due to Tracie’\;s unfortunate pendin g departure\, we are resending the invitations through my Outlook. We will remove Tracie’\;s invite for this after you receive this one.


COVID- 19 Mobile App –\; ED Staging

&n bsp\;

Meeting led by Laura Marcial\, RTI and D hruv Sharma\, ACEP

Hosted by Linda Chan\, Pivotal Insight


Microsoft Teams

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting

Or call in (audio only)

+1 213-204-9727\,\,23665711#  \; United States\, Los Angeles

Phone Conference ID: 236 657 11#

Find a local number | Reset PIN


Please contact me wit h any questions.


Best Regards\,

&nbs p\;

Harriet Costa


Project Manager

BPM+ Health

9C Medway Road\, PMB 274
Milford\, MA 01757


Tel: +1 (781) 444-0404 ext. 145

Cell: + 1 (617) 780-5013 \;



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