BPM+ in Ambulatory Care


Across different disciplines and even within one ambulatory care setting, providers frequently have their preferred method of documentation. Providers often view documentation differently, and it is not uncommon for progress notes to be captured in "shorthand" as a reminder to the physician but not necessarily decipherable or usable by others in ongoing care. This variation in documentation may impact the quality and outcome of care delivery and the patient experience of care. These issues intensify as patients receive care across locations, adversely impacting continuity of care. The impacts are that ambulatory encounters are often imprecisely or inadequately documented. They generally provide only enough precision to meet billing requirements, but insufficient for decision support or to meet advanced care needs if warranted.

Why BPM+ Health?

Without the right protocol-development model, we risk adding clinician burden and adversely affect the momentum around digital transformation. So, we searched for a model with key characteristics: