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BPM+ Health Revises Field Guide to Shareable Clinical Pathways

Community leverages health information technology to improve the quality of health care

NEEDHAM, MA – JANUARY 27, 2020BPM+ Health, a community initiative to improve the quality and consistency of healthcare delivery, announced today that it has released version 2 of its "Field Guide to Shareable Clinical Pathways." The guide, which is based on three OMG process modeling standards, aims to create structured, multidisciplinary plans of care designed to support the implementation of clinical guidelines and protocols. The goal of the field guide is to enable modeling of multi-team processes within organizations and sharing processes between organizations. This field guide is targeted at healthcare professional staff with responsibility for capturing, documenting, vetting, and deploying processes and workflows within an organization.

"The latency from a research discovery to make its way through to the bedside as part of clinical practice takes on the order of 15 years. Critical to our advancing as a market sector is reducing that latency and providing the tools to assure that those best-practices are accurately and effectively used," said Ken Rubin, Acting Executive Director at BPM+ Health, and Director of Standards and Interoperability, Office of Knowledge-based Systems, U.S. Veterans Health Administration. "The field guide provides the foundational underpinning to making this a reality for processes and workflows. It has a crucial role to play in improving the quality and consistency of health care, not only within the same institution, but across organizations as patient needs dictate."

The guide is based on the following OMG standards: Business Process Model and Notation™ (BPMN™), Case Management Model and Notation™ (CMMN™) and Decision Model and Notation™ (DMN™). BPMN is a well-defined standard that creates workflow diagrams to promote a common understanding of their meaning by different participants. CMMN complements BPMN with additional capabilities for unstructured behaviors triggered and continuously influenced by the information flowing into the case. DMN provides an understandable table format to model the combinations of factors that must be considered for complex, clinical decisions.

The use of these three modeling standards, particularly BPMN, is well established in business. With these methods, not only are the guidelines readily shareable, but the models have clear computational semantics. This means they can be programmatically tested, verified and deployed to the healthcare enterprise, which in turn, helps drive high-quality of care and reduce costs. Denis Gagne, BPM+ Health Ambassador, and CEO and CTO of Trisotech, said, "Using a combination of BPMN, CMMN and DMN disambiguates the creation and interpretation of clinical guidelines, allowing these guidelines to be delivered as a single, visual knowledge artefact for both clinician consumption and machine automation."

To further promote the best practices outlined in the Field Guide to Sharable Clinical Practices, OMG launched the BPM+ Health Community this past September. Some of the most trusted names in clinical healthcare, including healthcare providers and vendors, have joined the BPM+ Health Community to improve the efficiency and quality of clinical health care on a consistent, industry-wide basis by HIT.

Please come talk to BPM+ Health ambassadors at HIMSS20 from March 9-13, 2020, Orlando, FL. A listing of BPM+ Health events, registration and information can be found here. A full list of contributors to the Field Guide to Sharable Clinical Practices V2 can be found in the acknowledgement section on page 5 of the guide.

About BPM+ Health
BPM+ Health is a community initiative to improve the quality and consistency of healthcare delivery. It will achieve this by applying business process modeling standards to clinical best practices, care pathways and workflows directly at the point of care. It is a cross-discipline group of professional organizations, clinical societies and healthcare providers working together to develop and pilot standards-driven healthcare process automation techniques to fully realize the benefits of Healthcare IT. BPM+ Health is a program of the Object Management Group® (OMG®). Visit for more information.

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