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HIMSS22: Detecting Human Trafficking With Automation

Combating human trafficking is a complex task often seen as insurmountable given the lack of awareness and shared understanding of what constitutes trafficking, often with victims hidden in plain sight.

Participating Vendors: Cerner, Redhat, Smile CDR, Trisotech, Visible Systems Corporation

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HIMSS22: Advance Directives –
The Patient's Voice

Patients rightly expect that care will be aligned to their personal values and wishes, yet far too often their voice isn't heard or completely understood.

Participating Vendors: ADVault Inc, Cerner, HealthFlow, Red Hat, Trisotech, The Interoperability Institute

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We're your resource for live and on-demand webinars featuring Healthcare leaders, HIT professionals, and solutions experts. Visit often to learn best practices and hear expert advice from our member community! The topics we'll cover will help you accomplish your day-to-day tasks and achieve your BPM organization goals.

Health Information Exchange & BPM+ Health

Learn from BPM+ Health Member and Ambassador Ken Allgood, Co-founder and CEO, HealthFlow.io, in a brief discussion on BPMN and health information exchange using BPMN.

Ken Allgood, Co-founder and CEO, HealthFlow.io

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Accelerate Learning Health Systems with BPM+ Health

This special event is open to members and non-members interested in learning more about the process of authoring and adopting shareable, standards-based clinical pathways in healthcare.

Shane McNamee, MD, Executive Director, BPM+ Health
Ben Hamlin, MPH, Senior Research Informaticist, Quality Measurement and Research Group, NCQA

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How BPM+ Health Complements FHIR

In this brief mini-webinar, learn how BPM+ Health complements FHIR.

Denis Gagne

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Developing Shareable Care Pathways for Clinical Care

Translating narrative guidelines into a format that is consumable by a digital platform is a challenging but necessary step to improving outcomes in a digital age...

Steve Hasley, MD, CMIO, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists;
Ken Rubin, Director of Standards, Veterans Health

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Field Guide to Shareable Clinical Pathways Using BPMN, CMMN & DMN in Healthcare

A guideline is meant to offer concise instructions on how to provide healthcare services. The most important benefits of clinical practice guidelines are their potential to improve both the quality care and patient outcomes, and reduce costs.

Larry Johnson, VP OMG;
Robert Lario, OMG Healthcare DTF, Denis Gagné, OMG Model Interchange SIG

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This presentation will introduce the core concepts, differentiation and business value of the "triple crown" of business process modeling (BPM) standards developed by OMG in recent years

Denis Gagné, Chair, OMG BPMN Model Interchange Working Group

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Using BPMN, CMMN & DMN Together-A Deeper Look at Process Modeling's Triple Crown

Presented by one of the foremost experts in BPM standards, this session will concretely demonstrate usage of the three leading business modeling standards produced by the Object Management Group (OMG).

Denis Gagné, Chair, OMG BPMN Model Interchange Working Group

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Trisotech 101 - BPM+ Health: Trisotech Digital Modeling Suite (DMS) Complete Orientation

Looking to create clinical workflows and decisions based on BPM+ Health standards? Join us for this on-demand introduction to BPM+ Health own instance of the Trisotech Digital Modeling Suite (DMS).

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MCBK Annual Meeting – June 30, 2020

BPM & MCBK Poster

Access the community's seminal publication, Field Guide for Shareable Clinical Pathways.

Teaching How to Represent Computable Data, Information and Knowledge in the Requirements for Interoperable Health IT Applications Using Business Process Modeling, FHIR Standards and Modeling Tools