Professional healthcare societies, practitioners from clinical specialties, and subject matter experts that are interested in creating new or translating existing narrative documents into computer-consumable artifacts join the Authoring Working Group.

This group is focused on writing / distributing content, e.g.:

  • Health practice patterns
  • Care pathways
  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Workflows

Discussing best practices and approaches:

  • Identifying and documenting practice patterns, modeling approaches
  • Advancing education among the content author community


  1. Develop an action plan to document lessons learned from all authoring efforts, including best practices, methods, and compliance to standards
  2. Capture all authoring initiatives planned by BPM+ Health members
  3. Develop a "checklist" and/or written description of use case development requirements for BPM+ Health
  4. Develop short list of potential pathways to develop
  5. Begin work on a Step-by-Step Guide for professional organizations to author clinical pathways