Authoring Working Group

Authoring Working Group

Professional healthcare societies, practitioners from clinical specialties, and subject matter experts that are interested in creating new or translating existing narrative documents into computer-consumable artifacts join the Authoring Working Group.

This group is focused on writing / distributing content, e.g.:

  • Health practice patterns
  • Care pathways
  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Workflows

Discussing best practices and approaches:

  • Identifying and documenting practice patterns, modeling approaches
  • Advancing education among the content author community


Visit the Authoring Working Group’s collaboration site.


  • Develop an action plan to document lessons learned from all authoring efforts, including best practices, methods, and compliance to standards
  • Capture all authoring initiatives planned by BPM+ Health members
  • Develop a “checklist” and/or written description of use case development requirements for BPM+ Health
  • Develop short list of potential pathways to develop
  • Begin work on a Step-by-Step Guide for professional organizations to author clinical pathways