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Authoring Working Group

Professional healthcare societies, practitioners from clinical specialties, and subject matter experts that are interested in creating new or translating existing narrative documents into computer-consumable artifacts join the Authoring Working Group.

This group is focused on writing / distributing content, e.g.:

  • Health practice patterns
  • Care pathways
  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Workflows

Discussing best practices and approaches:

  • Identifying and documenting practice patterns, modeling approaches
  • Advancing education among the content author community

Implementer Working Group

EHR/EMR vendors, software and application vendors, application developers, open source implementers, and members interested in realizing clinical pathways in executable software join the Implementer Working Group.

This group is focused on approaches for IT/Software implementation of BPM+, e.g.:

  • Implementation strategies and approaches
  • Ingesting and use of computable workflows
  • Integration between HIT data and workflows

This group provides feedback to the Methodology group.

Methodology Working Group

Professional modelers, consultants, and BPM+ tool vendors join the Methodology Work Group.

This group applies core standards to meet the needs of the healthcare vertical, specifically:

  • Refining and revising the "Field Guide" document
  • Liaison activities with the SDO community
  • Cataloging, documenting and advising on best practices
  • Maintaining an authoritative set of BPM+ guidance

Institutional Adoption Working Group

Healthcare provider and payer organizations, including health systems, academic medical centers, and group practices join the Institutional Adoption Working Group. These members are consumers of care pathways and guidelines and are adopting them for implementation within their care institutions.

This group is centered on how to bring pathways into institutional use, e.g.:

  • How to adopt them
  • How to configure them
  • Change management

This group works on:

  • Business case for computable pathways
  • Intersection between BPM+ pathways, IT systems, and human resources
  • Identifying and documenting practice patterns

Academic and Professional Education Working Group

Healthcare organizations’ Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) professionals, organizations’ informatics and analytics staff, academicians, vendors’ business analysts, and standards developers join the Academic and Professional Education Working Group.

This group will:

  • Assess best practices for professional development, vocational and academic education in standards-based HIT including the use of BPM+ standards
  • Develop curriculum and content for educational modules on computable clinical pathways development and adoption
  • Develop tutorials and materials for educational webinars, presentations, and online training
  • “Train the trainers” to use and deliver these materials in academic courses, vocational training, and conferences

With the goal of building a workforce to participate in:

  • Developing standards-based computable pathways at healthcare organizations
  • Building standards for computable clinical pathways at SDOs
  • Implementing standardized, computable clinical pathways in HIT products

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