Institutional Adoption Working Group

Institutional Adoption Working Group

Healthcare provider and payer organizations, including health systems, academic medical centers, and group practices join the Institutional Adoption Working Group. These members are consumers of care pathways and guidelines and are adopting them for implementation within their care institutions.

This group is centered on how to bring pathways into institutional use, e.g.:

  • How to adopt them
  • How to configure them
  • Change management

This group works on:

  • Business case for computable pathways
  • Intersection between BPM+ pathways, IT systems, and human resources
  • Identifying and documenting practice patterns


Visit the Institutional Adoption Working Group’s collaboration site.


  • The Capability Maturity Model for BPM+ adoption is under development
  • Discuss the need and approach to develop a playbook or implementation user guide to accompany the Maturity Model