Methodology Working Group

Methodology Working Group

Professional modelers, consultants, and BPM+ tool vendors join the Methodology Work Group.

This group applies core standards to meet the needs of the healthcare vertical, specifically:

  • Refining and revising the "Field Guide" document
  • Liaison activities with the SDO community
  • Cataloging, documenting and advising on best practices
  • Maintaining an authoritative set of BPM+ guidance

Work Products



Visit the Methodology Working Group’s collaboration site.


  • Review version 2.0 of the Field Guide to Shareable Clinical Pathways
  • Discuss next steps for the Field Guide, including the capture and model effect of clinical guidelines or actions
  • New notation standards under development, including Situational Data Model and Notation, Knowledge Package Model and Notation, Provenance and Pedigree Model and Notation